Around Our Clocks: 4pm in September

It is hard to believe it has already been a year since we had the very first round of our Around Our Clocks blog circle. With a wonderful group of photographers, I have documented my everyday one hour at a time during a full year!

Around Our Clocks 4pm

In September, we captured our everyday between 4 and 5pm. To be honest, September went by faster than I realized, the days were still hot and I didn't always carry my camera with me. I took the following photos the first few days of October. They are a little glimpse at our afternoon activities at the park. On that particular day, while my little one was playing with bubbles, I was enjoying some freelensing (I took these images while my lens was detached from my camera).

These Fall evenings are so enjoyable! 

Around our clocks - 4pm Camille Arner
Around our clocks - 4pm Camille Arner

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Around Our Clocks: 1pm in August

Thank you so much for stopping by again this month for another round of our Around The Clock blog circle. In August, with my amazing documentary photographers friends, we have captured our everyday between 1 and 2pm. 

Around our clocks - 1pm

Our early afternoons this summer have become more agitated than they used to be, mostly because nap time has turned into a big mess that involves a lot of jumping and very little sleeping. Despite the lack of rest, I have to admit, fun times like these are just the best! 

Here is how we skip nap: 

Around our clocks 1pm Camille Arner
Around our clocks 1pm Camille Arner
Around our clocks 1pm Camille Arner

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Around Our Clocks: 6pm in July

Thank you so much for stopping by for our latest "Around our clocks" blog circle. With a group of documentary photographers, we are capturing our everyday, one hour at a time, each month. Here is a peek at our adventures from 6pm to 7pm in July. 

Both photos were taken with a prism. It had been quite a while since I had played with one! It is such a great way to come up with a little bit of magic in your images. 

Around our Clocks - 6pm Camille Arner
Around our clocks - 6pm - Camille Arner

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