How to do macro photography without a macro lens

Maybe just like me, you have had a macro lens on the top of your wish list for a very long time now. And quite rightly so!  The details you can capture when you get very close to your subject open a whole new world of beauty. But what if you can't afford to buy an actual lens?

You will be pleased to find out that there are other options. 

1. Macro Filters 

Just like UV filters, they attach to the lens. They usually come in a kit with different magnifying effects (x2, x4, x10!).  Here is a picture of my son taken with a close-up filter. 

2. Reverse Macro

Now the amazing thing is that you can also do macro photography without any adds-on!

Here is how: 

- detach your lens from the camera body (this works very well with a 50mm)

- reverse the lens

- get very close to your subject

-snap the picture

All these pictures were taken with my 50mm flipped around. This is definitely not an exact science since you have to very gently move closer or further away from your subject to achieve focus. Also, once you detach the lens, you cannot control the aperture, this is something you need to do before you remove the lens. 

Make sure you have both hands free to do some reverse macro as you will need to hold your camera body with one hand and your lens with the other one! 

Now  you can enjoy all the perks of macro photography without investing in an macro lens! Have fun!