Benefits of embarking in a 365-day photography challenge

When I started to post a picture a day, more than 7 months ago, I had no idea how much I would love it. Let's face it, committing to something on a daily basis can be challenging. Interestingly enough, taking daily pictures of our everyday life can quickly become second nature. After all, I shouldn't be surprised, a lot of research has shown that we are creatures of habit and it is easier to create a new habit that to get rid of an old one.

About 200 days in my challenge, I already see the benefits. If you embark on a year long journey, you will: 

1. Perfect your skills: 

By practicing a skill on a daily basis, you naturally become more proficient. There are a lot of pictures that I really like. Had it not been for this challenge, I probably would have never taken them. 


2. Improve your weaknesses: 

If you follow daily prompts (and this is not something you necessarily have to do), you sometimes have to take a type of picture you are not very comfortable with. In my case, it is nature photography or food photography.  I have so much more to learn in these areas but I already feel more much confident than I did 7 months ago.


3. Engage in a community of like-minded photographers

If you decide to post your daily pictures on Instagram and you use hashtags, you will quickly meet other photographers (professionals or hobbyists) who are also posting daily shots. If you leave a comment on their pictures and like their posts you will start a dialogue and create ties with the community. This has been extremely important to me as I love to see everybody's beautiful posts. It can also be a great source of inspiration and an incentive to keep on snapping everyday. 

4. Document your life

Just think of how amazing it is to be able to look back and get a snapshot of your life for an entire year. A wonderful reward for completing the challenge could be to print all your pictures in an album. I can't wait to get mine done. 

Here are some of my favorite pictures so far: