What is Lifestyle Photography?

Ask someone what they would save if their home would go up in flames. Isn't it amazing how many people think about their photos? As a matter of fact, this happened to my aunt and uncle last summer: a fire started in a forest just by their house and the entire area was closed. They weren't allowed to go back home for a few days until the firefighters were able to extinguish the flames. My aunt's first thoughts went to her photo albums. That would be what I would try to save too. Our pictures are a visual testimony of the past. They portray life exactly the way it was with all the details that we would otherwise forget. 

Lifestyle photography is about documenting and revealing the beauty of our everyday life. What moves me the most are ordinary things: a family dinner, bath time, play time or any simple daily activity that represents our life the way it truly is. 

Here are some of my favorite everyday moments: