"Around our clocks": 8am in October

As a Mom and a photographer, I have already had countless opportunities to be thankful for all the help I have received from my family, my friends and the community.

Today I have yet another reason to be thankful!

For a while now, I have been trying to find a way to join a creative collaborative project and it finally happened! With a group of photographers, we have created Around Our Clocks. Each month, all of us document an hour of our day, with the idea that by the end of the year, we will have documented an entire day of our life. 

In October, we have all grabbed our camera from 8am to 9am in order to document with 5 images what we do during this specific hour.

My 8am is quite fun and it almost always looks the same. I usually try to clean up the breakfast mess while finishing my not-so-warm-anymore coffee as my little guy is enjoying the post-breakfast fun in the living-room. Here is what it looks like. All these images were taken on a different day. 

Around Our Clock Camille Arner
Around Our Clocks Camille Arner

The last image is far from being technically good but it is such a real and honest capture of our time together. Up until recently, my son was not paying attention to the camera. However, a couple of weeks ago, he started running back and forth to check the images that appear on my camera screen. When I set up the tripod in order to get in the frame with him the other day, I realized I had to change plans and include him in the photo taking process :)  Can you see the pure joy on his face as he is pressing, with BOTH thumbs, the button? This might be one of my favorite shots of us two together. 

Around our clocks Camille Arner

This is a blog circle, which means that we will take you on a tour of other photographers' page and if you keep on clicking, you will come back to your starting point. Check out how Nicole Sanchez documented her everyday life from 8am to 9am in October.