What I do when I want to be inspired again

Some days, when I feel that I need a creative boost, I challenge myself to go on a special hunt with my camera. Yesterday was one of these days when I knew I had to force myself to see things differently if I wanted to capture the images I really needed to feed my soul. 

I went for a walk in Dumbo, Brooklyn, a neighborhood that I am quite familiar with. Instead of heading there with my 35mm, a wide angle and my usual choice to capture the breathtaking view of Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge, I chose my 80mm. This is definitely not my go-to lens for street photography.

I remember reading once that constrains can be a wonderful way to overcome your fear of not coming up with anything. Instead of being overwhelmed with the endless possible creative paths, you decide which one to take and see what happens. 

After I admitted that I wasn't going to be able to fit all these skyscrapers in my 80mm constrained viewfinder, I decided to look for the details that I commonly don't pay attention to.

The weather was gorgeous, the sun so bright in the sky. That's when I decided to let the light be my guide. With that in mind, here are the pictures I took. 

I would love to hear what you do when you are looking for some inspiration.