How I fell in love with a lensbaby

Last week, I purchased a set of Lensbabies from a photographer friend. Since then, my heart has started melting around the edges. I think I am in LOVE :) 

You might be wondering: what is a Lensbaby? It is a camera lens that enables you to add some special effects to your pictures. It adds a certain level of artistic freedom to your captures. In the same way that freelensing can add a soft focus effect to your work, a Lensbaby is an extra tool in your toolbox to achieve your vision. 

There are a few different Lensbabies. Most of them belong to the same series of products so they are easy to switch. You need a base, called "Composer Pro", to which you add an "Optic". The  Optics I recently got create a blur effect on the edges (Edge 80) or all around the picture frame (Sweet 35). The base of the lens can be titled in multiple directions. This is how you decide where and how much blur you would like to obtain. 

The following three pictures were taken with the Lensbaby Edge 80. 

Lensbaby in Park Slope, Brooklyn
Lensbaby in Park Slope, Brooklyn
Lensbaby Lifestyle photography in Prospect Park

This one was taken with Lensbaby Sweet 35. 

Lensbaby Lifestyle Photography in Park Slope Brooklyn

I would love to hear how you get your creative boost!