The beauty of at-home sessions

Documentary photography is all about revealing the beauty of the everyday by capturing real, unposed and raw moments. My favorite place for a documentary session to take place is home. There is something truly special about home. This "something special" might be different for everybody. From a photographer's perspective, I can think of a few important reasons why at-home sessions are so beautiful: 

1. Home is the place where we feel the most at ease.

Having our photo taken can feel a little bit awkward. Not everybody is at ease in front of the camera and it usually takes a few minutes before we relax and try to forget that a photographer is present. Somehow, when the session takes place at home, everybody seems to forget more easily about the camera. Home is a safe place, where we feel comfortable. It is the perfect location for a documentary session. 

Documentary Photography in Brooklyn, NY

2. At-home sessions are a true reflection of our everyday life

Home is also where most of our everyday life unfolds. This is where we make ourselves a cup of coffee in the morning, play with our children, read a good book or watch a movie with our significant other. Home is where all the little everyday actions take place. We don't think about them as special but they truly are because all together, they make what we are.

Documentary Photography in Brooklyn, NY

3. Low-light situations often make the most beautiful pictures. 

You might be concerned about the lack of natural light in your home and think it might not be the best place for a session to take place. Low-light settings can produce beautiful images. Experience is all it takes for a photographer to find a light source and use it to produce a beautiful capture. 

Documentary Photography in Brooklyn, NY


4. Every single home is the perfect location for a documentary session regardless of its size or shape. 

I have yet to find a home that I have felt would not work for a documentary session. Our homes are the perfect locations because they are our special place. Where I offer my services, in Brooklyn, many families live in small apartments (including me) and I fully embrace that in my sessions. They make for cosy images that portray what really matters: love, connection and togetherness. 

Documentary Photography in Brooklyn, NY