Documenting Motherhood: The Beauty Of Fleeting Moments

Photography has taught me many important lessons in life and I am very grateful for that. It has showed me the value of patience and contemplation and revealed to me how magical the in-between moments are. They matter just as much as the bigger events in life but can easily go unnoticed. I feel they even reveal the depth of feelings and connection we have for one another. 

When I became a Mother, I started valuing even more the fleeting moments of my everyday. It became a goal to capture them and be thankful for how beautiful they are. About a year ago, I started working more intently towards documenting motherhood. I quickly realized that my favorite captures were always the ones I had not even thought of because they were always showing fleeting moments that come and go and could easily be forgotten. 

Here are a selection of one of my most recent Motherhood captures. They were taken on a cold wintery morning.