Around Our Clocks: 12pm in January

Thank you so much for stopping by for our fourth blog circle. "Around Our Clocks" is a collective project. We are a team of documentary photographers capturing our everyday one hour at a time each month. In January, we have documented what we did between 12pm and 1pm. Here is what I did: 

Around our clocks 12pm in January

Up until recently, I would always spend my early afternoons at home working while my little one was taking his nap (very lucky Mom, he would sleep for at least 2 hours so I was getting a good amount of work done). That was before everything went 'splash' and the stroller became the only acceptable place to rest! Lately, from 12pm to 1pm, you can find me at my local coffee shop in Park Slope editing my photos while this little one takes his nap. Somehow, the noise of the coffee machine, the radio and the customers chatting are more soothing than the silence of a bedroom! 

My view from my coffee table: 

For two weeks in January, my Mom was visiting. She followed us around for our midday coffee adventures. 

Around our clocks Camille Arner