Around Our Clocks: 11am in April

With a group of wonderful documentary photographers, we have been documenting a different hour of the day one month at a time since last October in a project named "Around our clocks".

Last month, in April, we captured our everyday between 11am and noon. 

Around our clocks 11am

From 11am to noon, you can often find us exploring in Prospect Park. We are incredibly fortunate to live within walking distance of a beautiful green area in the city! Once a week, we attend Free Forest School, a parent-led cooperative that fosters child-led exploration in nature. The idea is to step back and to let our children enjoy playing together and discovering nature in their own way and at their own pace. Lately I feel that there has been a lot of me running to catch up with my ever faster toddler ;) 

Our photos this month are all about friendship and nature discovery. 

Around our clocks - Camille Arner
Around our clocks - Camille Arner
Around our clocks - Camille Arner

Follow the circle and discover how Fort Collins Family Photographer Betty Berg documented her mornings from 11am to noon in April.