How to use a prism in photography

Do you ever feel like you need to break free from your daily routine?

Whether you are on the way to work and choose an unusual route, you are cooking dinner and go for extra spices or you are deciding on your next book to read and go for science-fiction when you usually read realistic novels, stepping outside the routine can truly feel liberating once in a while. 

When I feel like I need a creativity boost, I put my prism in my bag and do some prism photography. 

Prism photography is extremely simple. In fact, it is wonderful because there aren't any rules. It's all about experimenting. 

If you look at the image to your right, you will see that it is the exact same tool your science teacher used when you were at school. 

In order to use it as you take pictures, you have to hold it in front of your camera lens and move it until you reach the desired effect. Here are some examples:

1- Double exposure effect - Your surroundings are reflected by the prism, just like a mirror, and appear in your frame. 


2. Soft focus effect - The Picture is given a soft feel.


3. Light source effect - The light source, in this case the sun, is reflected in the prism.


4. Surprise effect - Sometimes, the combination of the light and the orientation of the prism can give an unexpected effect. In this case, it makes my son wonder If a gate to a time vortex just opened :) 


Prism photography is one of the tricks I use to make my day special. What about you?