Around Our Clocks: 4pm in September

It is hard to believe it has already been a year since we had the very first round of our Around Our Clocks blog circle. With a wonderful group of photographers, I have documented my everyday one hour at a time during a full year!

Around Our Clocks 4pm

In September, we captured our everyday between 4 and 5pm. To be honest, September went by faster than I realized, the days were still hot and I didn't always carry my camera with me. I took the following photos the first few days of October. They are a little glimpse at our afternoon activities at the park. On that particular day, while my little one was playing with bubbles, I was enjoying some freelensing (I took these images while my lens was detached from my camera).

These Fall evenings are so enjoyable! 

Around our clocks - 4pm Camille Arner
Around our clocks - 4pm Camille Arner

Follow the circle and discover how Meghan Nesom from Meghan Nesom Photography documented her afternoons in September.